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After being arrested or charged with providing alcohol to minors, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure you get the legal representation you deserve and help guide you through the complex legal system.

In most cases, charges for providing alcohol to minors are issued after someone over the legal drinking age of 21 is suspected of providing alcoholic drinks to someone under the age of 21. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

In other cases, a person may be suspected of purchasing alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine or liquor for a minor, which is also a serious crime in Pennsylvania.

Other legal issues may include the cases where a waiter, waitress, server, bartender or business owner is suspected of not verifying the age of a customer before serving him or her alcohol. This is commonly known as a failure to “ID” a customer.

Similar charges may include DUIs or providing or using fake driver’s licenses or IDs to buy alcohol and then distributing it to minors.

If you or someone you know is facing charges for furnishing alcohol to minors, it is important to hire an attorney so you can understand your rights under Pennsylvania alcohol laws and get the legal representation you deserve.

An alcohol criminal defense attorney can also answer questions about the complexities of alcohol laws in Pennsylvania:

  • What are Pennsylvania’s laws concerning furnishing alcohol to minors?
  • Can I be charged for allowing my child to enter a liquor store?
  • Can I go to jail for providing alcohol to minors?
  • Is it possible to have charges of furnishing alcohol to minors dismissed or thrown out?
  • Can a parent be charged with providing alcohol to his or her own child?
  • Can I be charged with providing alcohol to a child for religious reasons or communion?
  • Are there fines or jail time for furnishing alcohol to minors?
  • Can a waitress, waiter or bartender be held responsible for serving alcohol to a minor?
  • Can a cashier or sales clerk be held responsible for selling alcohol to a minor?
  • What happens if I sold or served alcohol to a minor using a fake ID?
  • How can I get a “deal” for providing alcohol to minors?
  • Is it possible to plea bargain charges for furnishing alcohol to a minor?

The laws involving the sale, distribution and serving of alcohol in Pennsylvania can be complex. This includes laws and charges that concern furnishing alcohol to minors or underage customers:

  • Furnishing alcohol to minors arrest
  • Charged with providing beer, wine, liquor or spirits to a minor
  • Fines or charges for not “IDing” a customer trying to buy alcohol
  • Laws regarding providing alcohol to family members
  • Regulations about minors entering liquor, beer stores or beverage distributors
  • Bloomsburg University Police alcohol arrests

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