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Harding, Hill & Turowski is a local Bloomsburg law firm serving all of the Bloomsburg area, including Bloomsburg University students facing a wide variety of legal charges and issues.

The Bloomsburg law firm of Harding, Hil & Turowski is available for a wide range of legal needs that Bloomsburg University students may face:

  • Criminal defense
  • DUI cases involving BU students
  • Assaults, simple assaults, summary assaults, aggravated assaults
  • Fake IDs and fake driver’s licenses
  • Alcohol charges against Bloom U students
  • Drug dealing, drug possession and other drug charges
  • Disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, public drunkenness charges
  • Renter, landlord and eviction cases for BU students
  • Arrests and charges brought by Bloomsburg University Police

Hiring a local attorney for Bloomsburg University students facing legal issues is an important step to ensure you or your child gets the legal representation they deserve when facing criminal charges brought by the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office.

As a local Bloomsburg law firm, Harding, Hill & Turowski has the experience working on a wide variety of cases involving the Bloomsburg University Police Department and the Bloomsburg Police Department and is ready to answer your legal questions:

  • How can I get legal representation when facing charges from the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office?
  • Can a Bloomsburg University student get a plea bargain in Columbia County?
  • How can a Bloomsburg University student get a “deal” from the Columbia County DA?
  • How do legal charges affect a Bloomsburg University student’s academic standing?
  • Can Bloomsburg University place a student on academic probation or expel them?
  • Can I hire a local Bloomsburg attorney for my child?

For parents of Bloomsburg University students facing charges, working with a local Bloomsburg law firm gives you the peace of mind knowing your child is receiving quality and fair legal representation — even if you live far away. Harding, Hill & Turowski can even bill parents directly for its services.

To get started and for more information about legal services for Bloomsburg University students, contact our Bloomsburg law office.

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