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ChildLine is a free, confidential helpline for reported suspected abuse of children and young people in Pennsylvania. It may also simply be referred to as a “child abuse hotline” or “calling DFS,” “calling family services” or “calling social services” enough those those specific agencies may not be directly or immediately involved. 

ChildLine can also provide support and advice on a wide range of issues, including child abuse and neglect. In some cases, children may make allegations of abuse or neglect against adults in their lives, such as parents, teachers, or other caregivers. ChildLine plays an important role in handling these appeals and allegations.

ChildLine can be used by either children themselves or adults. Often these adults are mandated reporters, meaning they are required to report instances of suspected child abuse. These include teachers, doctors, therapists and other professionals.

ChildLine takes all allegations of abuse or neglect seriously and will work with other professionals, such as social workers or the police, to ensure that appropriate action is taken to protect the child.

If a child is in immediate danger, ChildLine staff may contact emergency services on their behalf. They may also offer advice on how to stay safe or how to get to a safe place.

Unfortunately, despite the valuable services ChildLine provides many children, the system is sometimes abused and false or misleading reports are called in. 

This is often done by a parent, family member or individual hoping to get another person in trouble for child abuse, even when no such abuse is taking place. 

Some people see making false reports to ChildLine as a way to increase getting what they want in child custody or divorce proceedings but this is not an effective strategy and filing false reports of child abuse can have serious legal repercussions. 

to remember that all accusations will still be investigated and, if necessary, tried in a legal forum where the truth is often revealed. 

If a false report is filed against you, an attorney may be able to help during the course of the following appeal and investigation or other actions taken by agencies. This can include working to start the appeal process and working on your behalf during the course of it. 

Please note that attorneys are considered mandated reporters and must report if they themselves suspect a child is being abused, even if that information would normally be considered confidential under attorney-client privilege. 


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