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Tenant and landlord legal services for Bloomsburg, Danville & Berwick

Whether you are a renter or landlord, there are a wide variety of legal issues that can come up. Many of these issues are complex and an experienced landlord or tenant’s rights attorney can play an important role in ensuring your rights are protected as either a tenant, lessee, renter or landlord.

A local attorney can work with you to answer your questions about landlord and tenant law:

  • How can I evict a tenant from a house or apartment?
  • What happens after I receive an eviction notice?
  • How should I handle an eviction notice?
  • How complex is it to evict a tenant?
  • What are a landlord’s responsibilities?
  • Can I break my lease if my apartment is uninhabitable?
  • What are my rights as a renter or tenant?
  • Can I have someone review my lease before I sign it?
  • How can I create a legally enforceable lease for my tenants to sign?
  • How can I ensure I am compliant with ADA and Equal Housing Opportunity laws?
  • What can I do if a landlord discriminates against me?
  • When can I keep a tenant’s security deposit?
  • How can I get my security deposit back?
  • Can my landlord shut off my utilities?
  • Am I allowed to sublet my apartment or rental?
  • Can I list my apartment or rental on Airbnb or couchsurfing sites?
  • As a landlord, can I turn off a renter’s utilities?
  • Can I lock out a tenant?
  • What happens if my landlord locks me out of my apartment or home?
  • What are my rights involving a Bloomsburg University housing contract?
  • What rights do Bloomsburg University students have in dorms?

As a college town, Bloomsburg is especially prone to issues surrounding apartment leases and renting and Harding, Hill & Turowski offers quality local representation for a variety of tenant and landlord legal issues.

Other renters and tenants in the surrounding Bloomsburg, Danville, Berwick, Columbia County and Montour County areas can also face similar issues.

Real estate, eviction, tenant, lease and renter laws in Pennsylvania can be complex and hiring an attorney is a key step in protecting your rights, whether a you are renting an apartment or serving as landlord:

  • Evicting tenants
  • Appeal evictions
  • Lease and rental contracts
  • Tenant property
  • Security deposits
  • Subletting
  • Apartment damage
  • “Uninhabitable” apartments
  • Bloomsburg University student tenants
  • Renting to Bloomsburg University students
  • Rental and apartment scams
  • Airbnb and couchsurfing legal issues

The legal team at Harding, Hill & Turowski’s DUI attorneys and lawyers are accepting tenant and landlord cases today.

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